New East Bay Temple Fundraising Campaign

Greetings from Brother Jayananda

Dear Friends,

Paramahansa Yogananda first came to the San Francisco area over ninety years ago, and since that time his spiritual family in and around the Bay Area has steadily grown. Self-Realization Fellowship is now at a point where we have to find a permanent home for this growing family of God-seeking meditators — to acquire a new hive for the spiritual honey of Self-realization in this area.

We are presently in the midst of a fundraising campaign with the goal of purchasing a new Self-Realization Fellowship temple. This new temple will serve the East Bay community and surrounding areas, as well as accommodate the SRF monastics who regularly visit the East Bay to conduct services and offer spiritual counsel. We have raised a good portion of the funds so far, but there is still much that needs to be done to fully meet our goal.

The fundraising campaign has been divided into two phases: Phase One will be to acquire the funds needed for the purchase and renovation of a new temple; Phase Two, which will take place after moving into the new temple, will be to raise the funds for the purchase of ministers’ quarters.

At this time we are appealing to all Self-Realization Fellowship members and friends in the greater Bay Area for your help in this important undertaking.  

Through the blessings of God and Guru, and with your prayers and material generosity, we hope to reach our goal of establishing a new temple, a temple where not only we, but many in the years to come, will have the opportunity to receive the priceless wisdom and spiritual guidance of Paramahansa Yogananda’s message and teachings.

May God and our Master bless us all!  Jai Guru!

Brother Jayananda
Senior Minister
Self-Realization Fellowship Berkeley Temple