New East Bay Temple Fundraising Campaign


December 10, 2019

Dear Devotees,

I am thrilled to tell you that our offer for the church in Walnut Creek has been accepted.

At last our search for a new Temple has come to a happy conclusion, and we have found a home
that will serve us for many years to come.

Our divine Guru has blessed us with a truly wonderful gift this Christmas season, and we are all deeply grateful for his guidance and divine presence. 

In divine friendship,
Brother Jayananda


The slideshow of the Walnut Creek site is available here: Slide Presentation.

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Projected Costs:

As of December 2019, $5.5 million has been raised. The purchase offer for 2317 Buena Vista Avenue, Walnut Creek was accepted at $6.3 million.

Continued fundraising will continue in the new year, 2020, as we begin to repay the remaining loan need to purchase the property and additional funds for needed upgrades.